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ASG - Survive Sunrise

ASG - Survive Sunrise

Label : Relapse | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : The cover-art reminds of albums by Baroness, and indeed, the foundation of the music by ASG can definitely be seen as stoner. Although this is the sixth full-length album by the band, I had not heard of them before. The stoner based riffs are heavy and succeed to keep the attention pretty well. These riffs can be accompanied by remarkable melodic parts, but also contain ingredients of pure metal and prog rock. Some death metal screams are cunningly integrated in such a surprising way, they can even convince me of adding something to the songs. A very diverse album in the genre, which may not grab you at once, but when given the chance, may certainly grow into something much appreciated after several listening sessions. This material is certainly creatively written and performed with craftsmanship. Sometimes I miss a typical stoner-like (long) tormenting or fierce guitar solo, but the passionate riffing and psychedelics make up for that quite much. Also the guts to put a “misfit” like the two minute track ‘Kubrick Colours’ on the album, deserves to be mentioned. This one might not be suitable for everyone, but I’m sure there are quite some people really into this stuff.

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