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Sinsid - Mission From Hell

Sinsid - Mission From Hell

Label : Pitch Black Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : 'Mission From Hell' is the debut album of Sinsid from Norway. The band was founded in 2012. The band speaks of influences from different styles of music from blues to metal to thrash and rock. All of that is true when listening to the album. Opener 'The Sinsid Prelude' is an old school instrumental metal song and 'Steel Riders' could have been on an antique Saxon album both in title and performance. Musically the band has a very strong lead guitarist in the person of Sten Roger Knutsen. Very melodic and at times bluesy he plays one guitarsolo after another. Unfortunately, drummer and singer cannot approach the level of their guitarist and that makes this album good but not yet great. Singer Terje is reminiscent of Joakim Brodén from Sabaton, but a bit less. Drummer Robin Wick is not bad at all but keeps it all very simple on this album. Many chances to bring some more variety in it! The songs lend themselves to it. Listening tips are the atmospheric 'Lost & Lonely' and the rocking 'Union Sign' which is reminiscent of W.A.S.P.

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