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Schubert In Rock - Commander Of Pain

Schubert In Rock - Commander Of Pain

Label : Pure Steel Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : When reading the name of this project ‘Schubert In Rock’ I feared to be confronted with a neo classical album with a lot of widdly diddly of some Malmsteen clone. Nothing of that. This is the second album ‘Commander Of Pain’ by Austrian guitarist Klaus Schubert. The man is a house hold name in Austria as former guitarist for NoBros, a band I incidentally saw one time opening up for a Saxon show in the eighties.

This is a all-star project, of which Schubert already did one back in 2013. In that project Joe Lynn Turner (ex Rainbow and Malmsteen) and Tony Martin (ex Black Sabbath) were among the names noteworthy. For ‘Commander Of Pain’ the singers are Jeff Scot Soto (who shines on opener ‘Empathy’ and the up-tempo ‘Forgive Me When I Fall’), Marc Storace (Krokus) and Doogie White (Former Rainbow and Schenker). Storace is great on the raunchy ‘Burning Heart’. Nice track. Keyboards on some of the songs are handled by keyboard legend Don Airey. Former Nazareth singer Dan McCafferty can also be heard on one song, but alas his vocal performance is quite poor. ‘World Of No Tomorrow’ is one of the highlights of the album with White on vocals and Jennifer Batten (former Michael Jackson guitarist) delivering a nice solo.

Almost all of the songs are pretty well composed. Schubert proves to be a more than adequate songwriter. More than once projects like these are not that consistent and tend to be fragmentated, but with ‘Commander Of Pain’ we have a pretty good classic rock album on our hands. The production is really good and suits this kind of rock nicely. No modern influences for Klaus Schubert. But if he stick to his roots the way he does on this album, there is no reason to complain.

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