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Edge Of Ever - We Came With The Flood

Edge Of Ever - We Came With The Flood

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : Edge Of Ever is a band that started out in Berlin six years ago, however the band members are from German and Greek heritage. The band prices itself for the fact that the members are so diverse, even though they’re all men, there are still enough differences between each of them, nationality, age, music taste, experience, you name it. There is little to find about how the men found each other, but it isn’t really that important, that’s what the men of Edge Of Ever think too. The debut album 'Global Ignition' was released in 2014 and received a lot of good feedback in Germany, hopefully I can agree with that feedback on the new album 'We Came With The Flood' as well.

Edge Of Ever does not make straightforward progressive metal, the men are clearly influenced by a number of (metal) genres and mix it through the songs. For example, the songs can easily move from death metal to power metal, and then move to a symphonic style again. Online I saw a number of magazines that praised the band for this, with me the band isn’t so luck as I felt a bit annoyed by this. Do not get me wrong, I encourage bands to go off the beaten path, but it has to remain enjoyable to listen to. What Edge Of Ever is doing is overkill, I often feel that there’s just too much happening, but at the same time I think it’s a bit dull too. How’s that possible? Let me try to explain. It’s because of a number of things, or actually a number of points of criticism that add up to this result. Although on occasion the music jumps from bit to bit quickly (chaotically), it is not super complex or interesting to listen too, because of this I miss the 'wow' feeling. The keyboards don’t have cool sounds and the parts aren’t always interesting either, they are also not placed well in the mix which makes them sound a bit annoying. I don’t love the vocals of Minas Marston either, his voice is okay, the vocal lines are mediocre, and he keeps on the same tones a lot, which makes it sound very monotonous. In addition to that, I also find that Marston sometimes puts too much text in his vocals, because of this there are almost no moments where he’s quiet for a moment or bring any emotion into his words. Finally, I believe I hear that, during the up-tempo double bass drum pieces, the guitars and drums are not all tightly played, this should actually have been fixed during the mix / master but that is a lot of work and/or costs a lot of money.

The biggest problem I have with 'We Came With The Flood' is that the compositions are just not interesting enough to really keep me captivated, the earlier criticism certainly does not help but is can still to be forgiven. Is there potential? Yes, certainly! At times there are instrumental parts that make me curious about the possibilities of the band, for example the intro of 'Infinite Pledges' is pretty cool, but after that it just drops a bit. If this band wants to take steps they will have to work hard, starting with dosing the integration of all these influences. As I tend to say quite often, sometimes less is more.

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