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Délétère - De Horae Leprae

Délétère - De Horae Leprae

Label : Sepulchral Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : The Canadian black metallers of Délétère are back with their second full-length of Quebecoise darkness. ‘De Horae Leprae’ is an album that is typical for its region origin. Raw, old school black metal, but with plenty of room for melodies and melancholy. Délétère is one of the more melodic bands in the Quebec scene and that makes their music somewhat more accessible and almost catchy. Still with a raw guitar tone and a variety of extreme vocals, this is hardly beginner stuff. The melodies are reminiscent of Windir (still one of the better features of Délétère) and is nice contrast to the mid-nineties styled foundation they employ. ‘De Horae Leprae’ sounds energetic and sincere; there are far worse bands in this style than Délétère.

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