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Big City - Big City Life

Big City - Big City Life

Label : Roar | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : Big City hails from Norway. The five piece band already recorded an album called ‘Wintersleep’ back in 2013. But it did not get a proper release. But, do not fear, with this second album ‘Big City Life’ the band adds their first album with it. Nice gesture. The band plays melodic and heavy rock. Not that special I hear you say. But it is in some way, as the members of Big City normally play in bands like Satyricon which are on the heavier side of the rock and metal spectrum. But this album shows that these guys also master the art of playing quality rock. Main man in Big City is guitarist and songwriter Daniel Olaisen. Supported by a crystal clear and heavy production you are treated to some quality heavy rock. Examples are ‘Daemon In The Dark’, ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘From This Day’. All the songs are well executed by lead singer Jan Le Brandt. He shines on this album and gives all the songs that little bit extra. When you here the vocal qualities of the new Spanish singer for fellow Norway band TNT, you wonder why Le Brandt was no option from their homeland? More quality in his singing and a native to the band. Anyway, Big City is not the first band that plays music that differs strongly from the main bands they are playing for. In the case of Big City, the band can be added to the successful examples of these kind off projects.

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