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Paradise Lost - Believe In Nothing

Paradise Lost - Believe In Nothing

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Re-release

Dennis : Following the release of the remastered version of the seventh Paradise Lost album 'Host' earlier this year, the band also went into the studios again with the recordings of their eight studio album 'Believe In Nothing' and together with producer Jaime Gomez Arellano they polished the production of the album. Paradise Lost never were really satisfied with the production of 'Believe In Nothing' and singer Nick Holmes said the time around this release was one of the hardest and most depressing eras in the history of the band. They were signed to the major record label EMI and had lost the creative control over their own band. For composer / guitarist Greg Mackintosh 'Believe In Nothing' is even his least favorite albums of the band and I believe Paradise Lost haven’t played a single song of this album live in the past decade. And honestly I must admit I missed this release completely back in the day, after I had lost interest with their synthpop album 'Host'.

But, surprisingly, 'Believe In Nothing' does contain pretty cool gothic rock / metal songs so better late than never to discover this interesting album from Paradise Lost’s long back catalogue. The keyboards and drum computers that were dominating 'Host' are gone on this record and instead the guitars and acoustic drums have returned on 'Believe In Nothing'. The twelve tracks on the album are quite radio friendly and commercially written with catchy refrains and melancholic melodies. The band shot music videos for both singles 'Mouth' and 'Fader' and they show the band trimmed and shaved and dressed in colorful shirts, Nick in the forefront and the rest of the band clearly in the background. Definitely trying to obtain commercial success driven by the record company. And even though Paradise Lost recorded the album with producer John Fryer (Depeche Mode, HIM), 'Believe In Nothing' did not receive the sound it deserved. With the new release, this remixed and remastered version of 'Believe In Nothing' finally does get a crystal clear and powerful production and compared to the original sound, the new version sounds so much better, so much clearer and crispier. Songs like 'I Am Nothing', 'Mouth', 'Look At Me Now' or 'Something Real' are very enjoyable gothic rock songs and with this new production they sound better than ever. Together with the new cover artwork (by Branca Studios) 'Believe In Nothing' gets a second chance. I think the improved production is good reason to listen into this album again and rediscover the great tracks this album has to offer.

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