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Motorjesus - Race To Ressurection

Motorjesus - Race To Ressurection

Label : AFM Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : It was quiet for a few years but there they are again, the guys of Motorjesus. On their fifth album 'Race To Ressurection' the three men from Mönchengladbach again play genuine rock, without much fuss. There have been some line-up changes and the band currently consists of only three members: singer Chris Birx, guitarist Andy Peters and drummer Oliver Beck. Led by (again) none other than Dan Swanö, the band recorded a wonderful sounding rock album.

Birx is still an excellent singer. Where previously I compared it with, for example, James Hetfield, that comparison is now flawed: Birx is a much better singer than Hetfield. Birx has range and has a versatile and flexible voice. In addition, he sings without any form of German accent. There are 13 songs on this CD that all rock. Often up-tempo, sometimes a bit slower. The riffs and structures never sound complicated; it especially sounds solid. And the band is able to write quite catchy and melodic choruses that invite to be sang along. In addition, Swanö has succeeded in giving the album an almost 'live feel' so that makes it fun to listen to this album. Digging out songs makes little sense, the album actually has no outliers in a positive or negative sense. It is rocking again with the guys from Motorjesus; they are back!

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