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Albionic Hermeticism - Ancient Hermetic Purity

Albionic Hermeticism - Ancient Hermetic Purity

Label : Signal Rex | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : Albionic Hermeticism is new project from the UK and this ‘Ancient Hermetic Purity’ is its first full-length. Albionic Hermeticism plays noisy black metal. Sometimes simple and repetitive and sometimes raging and frenzied. Stylistically, all over the place; ranging from The Ruins Of Beverast, Graupel to Hate Forest or Blutvial. Expect no sweetness, no frills or excursions to progressive or post genres. The conviction if audible, yet ‘Ancient Hermetic Purity’ falls short in it’s reach because the momentum of the more aggressive songs are not continued by the more atmospheric slower tracks. And vice versa the atmosphere is interrupted the sheer aggression of some songs. Perhaps Albionic Hermeticism should pick one style or integrate them better. Still for a debut album by a single person, not bad, especially if your into the aforementioned bands.

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