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Aggression - Feels Like Punk, Sounds Like Thrash

Aggression - Feels Like Punk, Sounds Like Thrash

Label : Dissonance Productions | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : Canada has a reputation to uphold when it comes down to thrash metal. In the eighties, bands like Slaughter, Sacrifice, Infernäl Mäjesty, Piledriver and Razor put Canada on the map for delivering the most raw and vicious thrash metal and to this day these bands have a cult status with a cult following. Aggression from Laval, Québec was another offspring from this lively Canadian thrash metal scene. Founded in 1985, the band released two demos before recording their debut album 'Forgotten Skeleton' in 1986, which was released nearly twenty years later in 2004 for some reason. Their second album 'Full Treatment' was released in 1987 and after playing many live shows with the likes of Voivod, Anvil, Sacrifice and Celtic Frost, the band unfortunately disbanded in 1989. In 2005 Aggression shortly reunited for Montréal Metal Massacre Fest but it wasn’t until 2014 that the band was revived by guitarist and founding member Denis Barthe. With a completely new line up featuring former Infernäl Mäjesty singer Brian Langley amongst others, and a new home base in Vancouver BC, they released their third album 'Fragmented Spirit Devil' and toured both North America and Europe.

'Feels Like Punk, Sounds Like Thrash' is their fourth studio album and funnily enough this album title also starts with an 'F'. Is it because they like 'Frash' Metal so much or does it refer to the 'Four Horsemen' riff in the eight track 'Once Upon a Time In Hell'? Anyway, Aggression are on Fire on their Fourth album and it’s Fucking Fabulous. Old school thrash metal, raw and dirty with no frills is what Aggression is all about. Don’t expect to hear any nice tunes of 'Feels Like Punk, Sounds Like Thrash' because there aren’t any. Instead it’s pure headbanging madness on songs like 'Riding With The Living Dead' or 'A River Full of Piss and Vinegar'. It’s raw, it’s dirty and I like it. Pedal to the metal!

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