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Unity - Promised Land

Unity - Promised Land

Label : RVPrecords | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : The album 'Promised Land' by Polish band Unity was already released in 2014 by an (insignificant) American label. Therefore the album was not picked up. Four years later RVP Records tries again and 'Promised Land' will now be released worldwide. Do they have so much confidence in these guys? Apparently so. Is that also based on something? Well, what shall I say ... it is a nice album but certainly not (yet) more than that.

The band plays hardrock of the melodic kind like bands such as Winger, Lynch Mob and Warrant. What I miss is a really full sound; a second guitarist would do wonders for this band. The album does not open badly with the title track in which singer Pjotr Zaleski both shows that he can sing well, but also that he has a pretty thick accent. The following 'Kangaroo' is especially very happy while in 'Eyes Of Fire' good singing and a thick accent go hand in hand again. The obligatory semi-acoustic ballad is here 'Lost Highway', a fairly obligatory but certainly not bad song. Nice rocking is 'Bloody Ride' in which guitarist Maciek Papalski shows his best side. The album then collapses somewhat due to song material that is not exciting enough, but fortunately I am awakened again by 'Sunday Mom', perhaps the best song on the album. Nice rocking, with good guitars and excellent vocals. The album ends with a terribly bad song, 'Story Of Sad Tinkerbell', a weaker than weak ballad in the tradition of Scorpions' worst songs. This band has potential; a guitarist, some English lessons for Pjotr and slightly stronger song material and Poland has a hard rock band with class.

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