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Haunted - Dayburner

Haunted - Dayburner

Label : Twin Earth Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : My first acquaintance with Haunted was at Eindhoven metal Meeting 2017, where the Italian band delivered boring, a dime a dozen, semi occult doom. Fast forward to half a year later and in June 2018 the band releases their second full-length album. Okay, how does ‘Dayburner’ compare to what was offered live? Alas, just as boring and a dime a dozen. The female vocals are more tolerable on album than live, but still powerless and like we’ve heard so many times before. Musically it also doesn’t manage to captivate. Occasionally a small section that makes you go: “Hey, that is fun.”, but never for the duration of an entire song. Well, then eight songs in 66 become quite a drag. As reference I would give an extreme light version of Electric Wizard and Witchsorrow. Nope, this isn’t spend on me.

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