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Dyecrest - Are You Not Entertained?

Dyecrest - Are You Not Entertained?

Label : Inverse Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : The Finnish band Dyecrest has been laying low for a few years after they released two excellent albums, of which the last one was ‘This Is My World’. Now there finally is some new music in the form of an album with the striking title ‘Are You Not Entertained?’ This name might make you think of some third level comedy band, but Dyrecrest is a top notch power metal act conforming to the high Finnish standards. Do they manage to keep up their high level after over ten years and yet another change of vocalist?

Opening song, single and videoclip ‘Fading/Reaching’ was unleashed a bit earlier already. The song is quite a few degrees more symphonic than you would expect from this band. This fits the voice of new singer Mikael Salo (Everfrost, Northern Seer) perfectly, he has a less raw but more full voice than his Jorn Lande- like predecessor. The whole album turned out to be a lot less heavy than ‘This Is My World’, but because of the much improved production and stronger song writing, the class of these musicians is featured far more prominently. Just listen to the thrilling ‘The Stage Is Set’ with its excellent build-up structure, or the simply fantastic ‘First Born Angel’. On the title track the band got some vocal reinforcements from none less than Björn “Speed” Strid of Soilwork, who gives a completely new dimension to the song. Another guest vocalist is Elisa de Boer who, in spite of her Dutch name, sings in Finnish on the pretty ballad ‘Nuku Vaan’ (just sleep).

It’s good to have this band back at the front! The charm of the chaotic ‘This Is My World’ is no more, but now we have the pure playing class of this album. Am I not entertained? I definitely am!

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