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CHRCH - Light Will Consume Us All

CHRCH - Light Will Consume Us All

Label : Neurot Recordings | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : About half a year after the split of CHRCH with Fister the band has now released its second full-length album. Just like on that split is once again tormented sadness that prevails and the listener gets poured over them. Three songs that clock in at a total of 45 minutes, of which opener ‘Infinite Return’ is the longest with a little over twenty minutes of music.

This is some truly delicious mistery. The tormented vocals by Eva Rose complement the music perfectly. A mix of sludge and funeral doom with some slight black influences and some tiny bit of post metal. Very occasionally it all reminds me of old Bell Witch. The provided music is of the same quality as what Bell Witch offered at the time. That is immensely promising for the future of CHRCH. Despite the long duration of the songs they manage to captivate from start to finish due to there being more than enough variation within the songs. Frustrated sadness, then some melancholic sadness and then some contemplative. Het is a rollercoaster of emotions, but always sadness prevails. Fans of funeral doom and Bell Witch and such bands really should give ‘Wrath’ a listen. This is, up to now, one of the stronger albums of the year.

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