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Barst - The Endeavour

Barst - The Endeavour

Label : ConSouling Sounds | Archive under post rock / post metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : About a year after their debut album Barst from Belgium once again comes to the fore with an ambitious album. This time with a 42 minute song that, if I understand correctly, is made up of seven parts. Thos seven parts sound like one coherent song. Here the band is assisted by guest contributions by Niels Brown (Vonnis), Gregory Simons (Vonnis, Arise Fair Sun), Messy Mathi, Mathlovsky (Mathlovsky), Tokyo Oyo, William Lacalmontie (Ovtrenoir) and Mike Armine (Rosetta).
‘The Endeavour’ is a long musical trip which goes from dreamy esoteric to drone to post metal to post rock with from time to time a sound explosion. It has turned into an album to really sit down for and to really soak it all up. No easy digestible meal, but worth every second of your attention.

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