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Anna Sage - Downward Motion

Anna Sage - Downward Motion

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Anna Sage from Paris have been operating since 2012, not constantly with the same people, and they released their first EP, 'The Fourth Wall', in 2014. This album shows a wonderful hardcore/metalcore evolution, reinforced by dissonance, post metal influences and emotionally charged vocals, making this not just music for people who want to vent their anger and frustration by creating a moshpit and spitting teeth, but also by screaming out their rage with closed eyes while being touched by what is happening musically. Sometimes it may sound like there is a Converge echo, but by listening more carefully the differences become quite clear. One of them definitely being those post metal influences. Lyrics about inner pain and an anger towards the heavens. Singer Alexandre Dos Reis sounds sincere and that is what counts most with this knd of music.

After touring through France and Europe and after a line-up change, Anna Sage returns with their album 'Downward Motion'. If you wonder where the name Anna Sage comes from (and this is only speculation I did listening to the music and the connections it made me make): Anna Sage was the name of the spy who got gangster John Dillinger (The Dillinger Escape Plan?) arrested. I like these little bits of passive interaction. Anyway... There is a very clear development that the band has gone through since their previous album and the first thing I notice when I put on 'Downward Motion' is a sound that makes your trousers shake like a mouse standing face to face with a falcon. On the one hand the sound is thicker, fatter, like a an anti-aircraft battery, and on the other hand it sounds more controlled, more evolved, while it keeps getting the same support as before from convincing, screamy vocals - even though there is a different singer. There is some experimentation but in a way that is certainly and quite naturally in line with the music we already knew. So, new sounds in a familiar straightjacket. This album is tight, fast, heavy and very effective. It lets the bone marrow boil with razorsharp guitars, ice cold vocals and a very clear rhythm section.

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