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Fog Light - 2nd Impression

Fog Light - 2nd Impression

Label : Inverse Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : Three guys from Montreal who play improvised instrumental metal, that’s what the band Fog Light is all about. There isn’t much information that I could find on the band, which I find a bit peculiar since they’ve already released four albums of which the first ‘Godspeed Thee, Laurence Olivier’ dates back to 2012. The band exists of guitarist Francois Lafond Bourque, bass guitarist Dominic Jasmin, and drummer Enzo Marceau, they also rely on guest musician René Zélédon who plays some saxophones. Three years after their last work ‘Taepodong-2’ the band is now releasing their newest album, ‘2nd Impression’.

Improvised instrumental metal, I suppose they mean that they’ve agreed upon the solid foundations of a song and then play and record improvised solo’s over that. I have to be honest, it doesn’t really sound like improvisation to me so the men are either the kings of improvisation or they have a different definition than I do. Whichever, the album does sound like jam session where they made some agreements up front, it’s because the songs are largely incoherent with some transitions that don’t really add anything. Instrumentally everything is pretty good, the Canadians have great control over their instruments, the problem with the album truly is the compositions, they are a bit dull. Even though sometimes there are some great parts in the music it’s not consistent enough for me to keep listening to the album.

Perhaps if the band would take some more time actually writing the songs, rather than improvise, who knows what the band could be capable off, it’s clear that they have the potential to be better. Unfortunately ‘2nd Impression’ is an album that will be forgotten by me really quickly, it really didn’t impress me at all. So you see, the first impression is most important.

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