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Grim Ordeal - Embrace The Darkness

Grim Ordeal - Embrace The Darkness

Label : Into The Limelight Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik M. : 'Embrace The Darkness' is Grim Ordeal's second full length release, the guys from Holland are returning with this album. The band delivers on these twelve tracks a tight mix of thrashing groovy death 'n core. Quite a pile of influences, but the best description for the new Grim Ordeal. The album starts convincingly through 'Revisit My Kingdom', with a big fat groove that crushes for something like four minutes, exactly at the right moment the song turns into a tight technical instrumental, staccato part with an epic solo. The ingredients that we already found on the first track are pushed through again on the following stompers. All this provided with a raw grunty hardcore scream. Some gems, including 'Fight For Empire', really force you to reconstruct your IKEA interior in a brutal manner. The songs have a nice thick production which was once again in the hands of JB vd Wal (known for his work for bands such as Aborted and Herder). The album offers enough surprises to justify a complete spin: good melodic passages, technical breaks and female vocals. A strong Dutch release!

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