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Inkvisitor - Dark Arts Of Sanguine Rituals

Inkvisitor - Dark Arts Of Sanguine Rituals

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : With their first EP ‘Delirious Tales’ and the following first long player, ‘Doctrine Of Damnation’, the Finnish Inkvisitor definitely got my attention with their old-school thrash/crossover. Not that they came up with something new or shocking or anything, but the gentlemen knew how to thrash and simply came up with good songs.

In April, little over two and a half years after the debut the quintet came with the second album, 'Dark Arts Of Sanguine Rituals', and let me say right away that this has not simply become a continuation of the debut. Aggressive thrash still plays the main role here, but this time the gentlemen have opted for a much more modern approach. Although the album definitely doesn’t lack aggression and fast thrash, the music nowadays contains more groove and modern riffs and breaks. Think of later Pantera, but also Machine Head and for example bands like Hatebreed, Lamb Of God, DevilDriver, Chimaira and similar modern thrash/core acts and you know what to expect. Moreover, the new vocalist Markus Martinmäki is a screamer, which contributes significantly to the modern sound. Fortunately, his high, screamy voice also gives the music a more aggressive vibe. Partly because of the modern vibe and approach ‘Dark Arts Of Sanguine Rituals’ is also a lot more varied than the debut. All in all, the gentlemen have definitely taken a step forward on the songwriting level and have delivered a good album.

Despite the qualitative progressions, 'Dark Arts Of Sanguine Rituals' – for me – unfortunately is less convincing than the aforementioned releases. During the aggressive pieces the music makes a strong impression and is immediately catchy, but during the slower, heavier parts – that do play a significant role on this album in general – they quickly lose the attention and even start to bore. The fact that my preference goes out to an old-fashioned and a more straightforward approach and that I’m not a big fan of this type of modern stuff doesn’t play an unimportant role in this, obviously. But that of course is simply a matter of taste. Fans of modern thrash will most probably appreciate this album and should definitely give it a chance, and may add a few points to the final score.

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