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Veld - S.I.N.

Veld - S.I.N.

Label : Listenable | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : In Poland they are always in for a thundering mix of blackened death metal. Through the years, the country put itself on the metal map with Behemoth and Vader as echelons. Veld has been around since 2001 as well, their roots even go back to 1995. The three piece under guidance of vocalist/guitarist Kirill Bobrik really smashes everything to pieces on this fifth studio album ‘S.I.N.’, the successor of ’Daemonic: The Art Of Dantalion’.

It happens to be an important album on their way to an international breakthrough, since they recently signed a contract with Listenable Records for several albums. Live gigs will increase too, I think they can manage to become an international established band. Their sound is not original – with lyrics about nihilism, blasphemy and hate – but their technical skills are flawless, the production (Romain Goulon) is overwhelming and the guys from Poznan deliver ten brutal hand grenades in the familiar and beloved style also known from bands like Hate and Krisiun. I prefer a bit more nuances in my brutality, but when you swear by rigorous brutal death metal, you can add Veld on your list to check out.

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