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Madball - For The Cause

Madball - For The Cause

Label : Nuclear Blast | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : 'For The Cause' is the ninth album by Madball; not a too high amount for a band that was founded in 1988. Typical case of quality over quantity? At their new album the New York hardcore legend continue the musical line as we are used to them. Nothing wrong with recognisability.

Frankly, I do not want to hear anything other than the condensed energy that we are used to from Madball. Musical shifts are not to be found on 'For The Cause', though just a bit more variation in between the tracks and in tempo makes the band sound fresh enough and it does not give the appearance of a repetition exercise. Tracks like 'Smile Now Pay Later', 'Rev Up', 'The Fog’ and 'For The Cause' will undoubtedly be able to grow into tracks that will be roared aloud live. On 'For The Cause' guitarist Matt Henderson, who has not been heard on a Madball album since 'Hold It Down' (2000), returns. In addition to that - but that is no more than usual for Madball - there are many guest appearances on the album: Sick Jacken (Psycho Realm) on 'Rev Up' and Steve Whale (The Business) and Tim Armstrong on 'The Fog'. The most striking appearance is undoubtedly the presence of Ice-T, who beautifully colours 'Evil Ways' in his own way. And what would a Madball album be without a track in Spanish ('Es Tu Vida')?

Madball does it once: another album full of emotionally driven, old-fashioned hardcore at its best. This is the kind of material that most bands can only envy.

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