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Callidice - Anthem For Resistance

Callidice - Anthem For Resistance

Label : Inverse Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : It just won’t stop… here's yet another very talented band from Finland. Callidice was formed in late 2014 in Jyväkylä in the heart of Finland and consists of Jarkko Liimatainen (vocals), Tatu Latvala (guitar), Samuli Rasmus (bass/vocals), Tero Latvala (keyboards) and Ville Jyrkkä (drums). Up until now the band released one EP, 'Scarlet' and two weeks ago they finally debuted with their first full length album 'Anthem of Resistance', released through Inverse Records. Callidice plays modern melodic death metal with some industrial influences and they are definitely a band to keep an eye on. The music of these give Finish lads contains the balls and the grooves needed for powerful metal music. And even though they use keyboards (I usually don’t like keyboards in my metal) they are not at the forefront in the mix. They are more just supporting the metal riffs than that the song is based around a keyboard melody. The keyboards used here give some of the songs a spacy character, which is interesting. 'Anthem For Resistance' is a concept album about brotherhood, friendship and fear of losing everything that is important. For the opening track 'More Than A Band Of Blood' the band shot a video in which also doom metal artist Harri Kauppinen (Beyond The Dream, The Myth Of Autumn) contributed with guest vocals. It is quite an accessible metal song with a very catchy groove, just like the rest of the songs on 'Anthem For Resistance'. So if you are looking for excellent and powerful groove metal than Callidice is your band!

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