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Crossing Eternity - The Rising World

Crossing Eternity - The Rising World

Label : Rockshots Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : You don’t get fresh metal from a country like Romania every day, and definitely not melodic metal that smells of Scandinavia. Yet that might be the best fitting description for the music of the new band Crossing Eternity, somewhat Scandinavian sounding melodic metal such as Dreamtale and Burning Point. With thirteen songs and just over one hour of music, this turned out to be quite a big album.

The opening song, just called ‘Crossing Eternity’ to keep things simple, has the serene voice of singer Berti as first striking element. He is not blessed with an impressive vocal range, but he has a pleasant voice, which he uses to give colour to the simple and sometimes chaotic music. The videoclip is made for number two, ‘Ghost Of A Storm’, which has something of Sonata Arctica hanging over it. The video is unfortunate but the song itself is an edible one with its recycled but tasty chorus. ‘High Above The Crown’ is tuned lower and because of its complex drums it leans towards the progressive. Also the vocals have more thrill in them here, making this one of the best tracks on the album. For the remainder it is mostly the fast songs that impress, such as ‘Journey To The End Of Dreams’ which in fact is pure power metal.

Crossing Eternity might have a thing or two to work on, that does not change the fact that ‘The Rising World’ turned out to be a very decent melodic metal album. Despite the long play time there is enough variation to keep things interesting, and the alternation between rapid and mid-tempo music is perfectly balanced. Are you a fan of the afore mentioned Scandinavian bands and do you agree with the statement that chaotic music can be a show of character? Then you should give this album a try.

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