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Crying Steel - Stay Steel

Crying Steel - Stay Steel

Label : Pride And Joy | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : It is safe to say that Crying Steel are veterans of the heavy metal scene. The Italians have been around since 1985. There were some lengthy breaks in their career. But when the band resurfaced they changed their lead singers in a high pace. For ‘Stay Steel’ the band recruited Englishman Tony Mills (Shy, TNT). It looked and sounded that Mills his vocals were becoming weaker the last years, but on this album the man shines in full glory. It is strange that Mirko Bachillega is still mentioned as the band’s lead singer on their website, photo and all? Bachillega is playing an intro on piano on one of the songs on this album, strange…if Mills is the new singer for good, Crying Steel made a good deal. But, it could also be a ‘one off affair’? The style of the band is classic heavy metal. The compositions are well executed throughout. Added extras are the strong background vocals on this album, ‘Born In Fire’ is a good example of that. The guitarwork is pretty good and well varied. The guitar solos are really good and constructed. Opener ‘Hammerfall’ and ‘Barricades’ sees the band firing on all cylinders. ‘Killer Inside’ on the other hand is a nice, gritty rocker. In the last months I heard quite some Italian metal and rock albums, but ‘Stay Steel’ beats them all, hands down. Curious how affairs will develop for Crying Steel in the coming period. Will Mills stay as a permanent member or was he just a hired gun for this album?

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