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Curse Upon A Prayer  - The Three Woes

Curse Upon A Prayer - The Three Woes

Label : Saturnal Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Curse Upon A Prayer is a Finnish black metal band formed in 2010. They released their debut ‘From The Lands Of Demise' in 2014, a second album in 2015 and a digital demo in between. Now they release 'The Three Woes’, an EP with three songs and a fifteen minute playing time.

People who spontaneously think of the raw black metal of Sargeist and Behexen or hope for a new Clandestine Blaze, the raunchiness of Impaled Nazarene or the old-fashioned crackling of Beherit are unlucky, because Curse Upon A Prayer does things differently. 'The Three Woes' is a straight melodic black metal album that sounds as Swedish as god morgon and is rather reminiscent of Dark Funeral and Naglfar then of Goatmoon or Barathrum. The blast beats are flying around non-stop though and the guitars are heavily battered. The melodies are extremely catchy and tend to stick in your head for a long time after listening to ‘Let Thy Kingdom Come’ and ‘Thou Shalt Be Cursed’. There is not really a song that stands out, but if I had to choose a favorite, it would be Woe! Woe! Woe!, the title song and the longest track with a lot of memorable riffs, a mighty slower part in the middle and a blistering final.

This masked gang called ‘Curse Upon A Prayer’ wishes to remain anonymous, but with this promising little record that might be difficult in the future. Definitely a band to keep your eye on.

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