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Down Among The Dead Men - …And You Will Obey Me

Down Among The Dead Men - …And You Will Obey Me

Label : Transcending Obscurity | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : If we are talking about musicians who cannot sit quietly on their ass for a single week, then surely a man like Rogga Johannson should be mentioned here, because what does this man have an endurance in bringing out new material.

With '... And You Will Obey Me' Johannson publishes the third full-length record with his band Down Among The Dead that was founded back in 2013. Besides Rogga Johansson, the rest of the line-up will also not be unknown from you: because with Dave Ingram on the vocals and Dennis Blomberg on the guitar you immediately have a death metal tank that will destroy every barricade that will stand in its way. Such a power! And these guys bring so much experience and passion with them that I'm a fan right after the first listening session and my cd-collection should actually be expanded immediately, because I have to confess here, even though I am pretty familiar with other music formats of these three guys, Down Among The Dead Man has so far really passed my radar. Too bad in this case!

What else can be expected of '... And You Will Obey Me'. We get some pretty serious mature, passionate and convincing Death Metal with a big feeling for punk. What else would you expect, because those hearts of these men are so full of death metal, that in itself nothing could go wrong. Of course tight, wonderfully aggressive and they know to get your attention with great ideas in the perfect moment. The whole album knows to captivate you through this and they manage to never sound playful at all. Serious business and an absolute must for anyone who considers themselves an old-school death metal fanatic. And do know, you also will obey!

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