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Dreadful Fate - Vengeance

Dreadful Fate - Vengeance

Label : I Hate | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : Aggressive thrash is on the rise again. Here in the Netherlands we recently saw great releases by bands such as Dead Head and Inquisitor. Apparently even Sadus is working on new material.
In Sweden a cool new band named Dreadful Fate appeared on the scene with their impressive demo ’The Sin Of Sodom’.

Even when the band members use pseudonyms it became clear quite fast we were dealing with some experienced musicians. Bassist Total Destruction (Fredrik Karlén; ex-Merciless), drummer Corpse Skelethor (Perra Karlsson; Nominon, Destroyer 666, In Aeternum) and guitarist Death Ripper (Johan Jansson; Interment, Moondark, Centinex, Demonical, Dellamorte) were exposed pretty fast. Just singer Bestial remained a mystery at first. Now we know this is Mikael "Cab" Castervall, who used to be in bands such as Hypnosia, Portrait and Birdflesh in the past. This four-piece signed with two labels relatively fast. Both I Hate Records and To The Death Records collaborated to fire this grenade upon us.

The album actually strikes like a bomb. Eight songs in 25 minutes of fierce thrash that does remind of Merciless and Hypnosia. When it comes to the intensity of this material bands like Whiplash or Demolition Hammer spring to mind. Sound wise it is mainly that old Teutonic thrash sound of Kreator and Sodom what you hear. Even the artwork seems to refer to the latter. So, if you dig the music of the bands mentioned you cannot let ‘Vengeance’ pass you by. This is pure class!

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