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Dream State - Recovery

Dream State - Recovery

Label : UNFD Central | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : The from South Wales hailing alternative metal outfit Dream State is by many people seen as one of the most talented newcomers from the United Kingdom and if I listen to this new, meanwhile second EP ‘Recovery’ I can certainly support that. On their first EP ‘Consequences’ which was released in 2015, this talent wasn’t really showcased yet, but they have grown quite a lot during the last couple of years and as such this ‘Recovery’ is a big step in the right direction.

The band plays modern metal with alternative influences and the overall band sound is to a large extent dominated by the heavy riffs of the duo Aled Rhys Evans and Rhys Wilcox and the fine voice of female singer CJ Gilpin, who proves to be very versatile. Despite of the fact that the guitar sound at times is quite heavy, the influences of modern pop music are never far away, which makes the material of Dream State quite accessible and therefore suited for a broad audience.

In my opinon that’s best shown in the very catchy ‘In This Hell’ and the aggressive ‘Help Myself’, but in all honesty I kind of like all the five tunes that are offered here. They could still add a bit more variety to the material, but in general this ‘Recovery’ will certainly be capable of getting the band a larger fan-base, which is definitely deserving judging the quality of their material. ‘Recovery’ has become a very nice record and therefore I’m quite curious how this band will develop itself further in the near future.

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