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Eisregen - Satan Liebt Dich

Eisregen - Satan Liebt Dich

Label : Massacre | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Vera : Eisregen happens to be a true cult band in the Germanic scène, that’s obvious. It is also a tradition that they release a MCD as taster for an upcoming next album. In this case they recorded seven songs on ‘Satan Liebt Dich’, while they industriously work further on their thirteen studio album ‘Fegefauer’, scheduled to come out in October 2018.

The musical playground of M. Roth and Yantit once again got some help of Markus Stock (Empyrium, The Vision Bleak) as bassist plus mix and mastering in Studio E, violins are done by Frau N. Feind. As always the release of a MCD is used to record any special outside-the-box tunes. Every song has a different timbre. ‘Fahlmondmörder’ reminds us promptly that we are dealing with a black metal band, with eerie exposure and later any clean über German chants. A firm uppercut it is! In the title track we hear piano in the front with creepy, storytelling voice, depraved to the bone in the role of a seducing Satan. This serpentine creature tries to seduce an innocent child. Next they tell us that they never wrote a song about Fritz Haarmann (German serial killer from Hanover) before. Now we suddenly get two versions. The first one is sung by regular vocalist M. Roth, the second is sung by Yantit and will mainly appeal to aficionados of Transilvanian Beat Club. Since ages there is a strong bond between Eisregen and Martin Schirenc. Now this is illustrated by a cover version of ‘For God Your Soul’ from Pungent Stench (doom riffs and violins in far-reaching obscurity) and Schirenc who gives the Eisregen song ‘Mein Eichensang’ his own interpretation with his hoarse crow chants. Finally ’13 Russische Krabsschweine’ happens to be a kind of medley from Eisregen songs. As usual with an über German sense of humor. We wonder what the next Eisregen album will bring us. This is an in-betweenie for diehard fans.

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