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Missing Link - Lobotomized

Missing Link - Lobotomized

Label : Vic Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Re-release

Jori : The older reader might have some memory of this, but due to age-technical reasons I was not aware of this. The Stützer brothers of Artillery had a side project in the nineties that carried the name Missing Link. In total two albums were released under this name, of which the last one ‘Lobotomized’ in 1997. So for me this re-release of Vic Records came out of nowhere.

Sharing the two guitar players and masterminds it should come as no surprise. Musically, Missing Link has a lot in common with Artillery from that same period. There are some differences though. Missing Link is lighter and more melodic than the wall of guitar noise for which the brothers Morten and Michael are known for, the first-class qualities of the guys is therefore featured even more prominently. The music of Missing Link connects the music of main income Artillery to the ‘80s metal. Singer René Struch was never the singer of Artillery, yet he would not have done a bad job at that. His sharp voice gives a Megadth twist to the music. ‘Lobotomized’ is forty minutes of music of which effectively every song rocks big time! All Artillery fans now have the chance to complete their collection with this record. For generation snotnose to which I belong myself, this is more of a chance to get to know another side of the creative core of the Danish thrash machine.

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