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Paola Pellegrini Lexrock - Lady To Rock

Paola Pellegrini Lexrock - Lady To Rock

Label : Red Cat Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : ‘Lady In Rock’ is the third album from Paola Pellegrini. The addition of the word Lexrock refers to her daily job as an advocate in Florence. If the bio is right, than Lex is a synonym for the law. At night she puts on her fiery red jumpsuit and plays her guitar. The first album she released was sung in het native tongue. On this album there is only one song in Italian (‘Avuta Mai’). The choice to sing in English was to get more recognition internationally. Seems logical. But as her guitar playing is easy to follow, her English is far from that. It is good thing the lyrics are printed in the booklet, otherwise I would have lost track pretty quick. In this case the choice to sing in English might work against here more than she hopes for. Vocally, Paola is not that spectacular. Music wise, this is basic hard rock with some punky influences. The songs are fairly well constructed, but they tend to bore quickly on this, quite short, album, although Paola had some well-known names from the Italian rock scene involved (do not know any of them by the way…). Did these guys sleep during the recording or what? Maybe they just kept their mouth shut and cashed in? my advice would to Paola would be to keep her day job. Just keep playing music Paola, it is a good way to relief the stress from your day job. But a breakthrough…?

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