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The Soul Exchange - Edge Of Sanity

The Soul Exchange - Edge Of Sanity

Label : Pride And Joy | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Also in 2018 there are still releases of albums with music that emphatically goes back to the seventies and eighties. To classic rock. But luckily The Soul Exchange - because that is the Swedish band this review is about - also gives the music a sort of modern twist, creating (according to their own words) a 'unique mix between classic rock and guitar oriented metal'. Hahaha, what a joke. How many times have I read the same sentence in the bio's supplied? You stumble over the so-called 'bands with a unique sound'. The Soul Exchange has an all but unique sound but certainly does not sound bad.

The band has a good singer (Daniel John) and the songs are well performed by (reasonably) good musicians. But unfortunately there is also a big downside: the song material. That is really below par. The album opens nicely with 'Stealing My Mind' but then we hear at least four songs that are totally uninspired, that are so incredibly boring midtempo, that the good bands from the eighties would have flung these songs in the trash. Songs like 'No Forgiveness' and 'Master' are examples of crappy songs where nothing exciting happens. Not to mention long-winded songs like 'The Passing'. The songs sometimes exude the atmosphere of the albums of Black Sabbath at the time of Tony Martin, but then with rejected song material ('My Reflection'). The comparisons with Ghost only make me laugh. When this band succeeds in producing more exciting song material in the future, they immediately score 20 points higher.

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