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Tri State Corner - Hero

Tri State Corner - Hero

Label : Drakkar Entertainment | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Close to the tri state corner of Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, a Greek, a Polish guy and a German musician decided to form a band thirteen years ago. From the very beginning, the catchy rock songs were relished with a kind of Greek lute, the bouzouki, so that a summer-like atmospheres wander through the music. In the meantime Tri State Corner has finished creating album number five and they played hundreds of live shows. Last years the link with Rage increased. In the past we saw Tri State Corner more than once supporting Peavy and co on tours, but nowadays TSC vocalist Lucky has an important role in the new line-up of Rage as drummer, co-producer and manager. TSC drummer Christos Efthimiadis also plays in Peavy’s other band Refuge and Brat Tkocz is also quite well-known as producer. In brief, there are a lot of musical activities to be spotted near that tri state corner area.

‘Hero’ happens to be the last part of a trilogy, once started with ‘Historia’ (2011) and continued on ‘Home’ (2014). They always took inspiration from their own personal experiences to tell the story of a migrant on the search for a better life. This third part is darker, lyric-wise, due to a critical view on the future. This appears to be a socio-critical plea for the current world we are living in, although they also use fictive stories, but musically it still sounds quite cheerful and uplifting. The recipe is simple: up-tempo catchy rock with fetching choruses. Now and then quite heavy riffs, but the light sounds of bouzouki always flutter through it. The sing along tune ‘Daydreamer’, ‘Downfall’ (nice melody) and ‘Breaking News’ are already launched as singles and eventual video clips. For some of you it will sound a bit too much as preaching and teaching, most likely even too mellifluent in the ballad ‘Hero’, but as vision of the current European inhabitants it might sound very familiar. A meritorious album, but now and then this ‘bouzouki rock’ sounds too mediocre.

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