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Daylight Silence - Threshold Of Time

Daylight Silence - Threshold Of Time

Label : Red Cat Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : Daylight Silence is a new band from Italy that releases an interesting CD. It is their debut and it immediately became a concept story. Briefly, the story is about the end of the fourth millennium where a totalitarian world regime has emerged that suppresses worldwide riots and outbreaks of violence. At the same time, they are looking for a way to travel through time and space in order to bring new techniques and materials back to earth. The website of the band is still under construction partly but looks like also some things will be explained there.

To the music than and that is bad not at all. The band brings modern heavy metal songs that sometimes leaning towards classic hard rock / AOR ('Dreaming Of Freedom') or going more towards progressive metal ('Live As One'). The band members, who all operate under a pseudonym, are great musicians and the album brings enough variation in musical terms. As a band they are also the crew of the space / time ship which this story is all about and that gives the music and the story an extra dimension. Small minus is vocalist Von Braun who at some point becomes a bit theatrical and cannot suppress a small Italian accent. Matter of taste but still. Great debut of these Italians and if the website also works with the CD it can be a nice audiovisual project. Best song is the title song and definitely worth checking!

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