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Chaos Before Gea - Chronos

Chaos Before Gea - Chronos

Label : The Braves Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : It's been three years since the release of 'Kharon' by the Spanish metallers of Chaos Before Gea, but now finally there is the successor with the release of 'Chronos'. The fact that a lot can happen in three years’ time seems obvious, but sometimes things can remain the same. The latter applies to the music of Chaos Before Gea: we still hear heavy, technical, grooving, progressive (death) metal.

Perhaps it is not surprising that much remained the same because 'Chronos' is the third and last part of a trilogy, together with the aforementioned 'Kharon' and with 'Erebo' from 2013. The riffs of Messrs Lopez Castillo and Jensen Christensen are mercilessly pounding. Sometimes grooving and leaning against the djent, the other time it's very technical and fingerbreaking complex. The riffs are powerfully and heavily supported at all times by the super tight and technically gifted rhythm section Sanchez and Schmitt. And then I almost forget about singer and screamer Ismael Perez Gonzalez, a man who inimitably controls both the screaming nu-metal roars and the clean vocals. Well done. The listener gets no rest whatsoever, with the exception of a few quiet moments in 'The Nine'. The album only counts eight songs and clocks all together less than 40 minutes; I think that is a bit scanty. But it may be that the band has done so to spare the careless listener a bit, because after those eight tracks you're gasping for breath: what an intensity. Lovers know enough.

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