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Dead Sleep - In The Belly Of The Beast

Dead Sleep - In The Belly Of The Beast

Label : Denomination Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : Dead Sleep is a fairly new band (founded in 2016) from Sweden who recently released their debut album, 'In The Belly Of The Beast'. Considering that Sweden has been one of the better suppliers of metal music for decades, I was rather curious about this band and the album. Dead Sleep plays a mix of traditional thrash and heavy metal with here and there punk influences, all with a modern touch. The music sounds delightfully energetic and we often get strong and stirring riffs and catchy melodies. The combination of the old-school and contemporary approach also fits well in Dead Sleep's case. Thrash (and mainly the US variant á la Megadeth, Testament, Metallica, Slayer and co.) is the dominant factor here, but the punk influences provide a little extra kick and aggression, while the traditional heavy metal tunes provide more dynamics. Musically and instrumentally this is simply a good band and a good record.

My biggest problem here is vocalist, Anna. This lady does as a matter of fact have an aggressive voice in that will suit this type of music, but that is completely misused here in my opinion. First of all, she is more screaming than singing aggressively and – in my opinion – fails in her attempt to sound mean. Secondly, her vocal lines simply sound uninspired and not well thought out and therefore lack impact, and finally and there is that same annoying effect on the vocals that Tom Araya also uses, although to a lesser extent. As said, the album sounds good on a musical and instrumental level and the band shows a lot of potential, but in this case – for me at least – that is constantly being ruined by the vocals, so that the album does not rise above average.

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