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Egokills - Mellowhead

Egokills - Mellowhead

Label : Soulfood Music Distribution | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Two years ago I was pretty enthusiastic about the debut album 'Creation' by the Finnish collective Egokills. Now the new album 'Mellowhead' is being released on which we hear that the band has changed quite a bit musically. The groove and the metal still remains, so in that sense there is also something to hold on to for the fans of the debut release.

What really sounds different on this CD compared to the debut are the vocals of Janne Selo. He still manages to alternate grunt-like passages ('Hollow Promises') with clear, melodic vocals. And in the latter it's the change: the vocal lines of Selo sound exactly like those of Faith No More's Mike Patton. And I do not think that's annoying! On the contrary! In combination with the sometimes booming groove that is put down, some songs belong to the best material that Faith No More did not release ('White Flags'). The band alternates melodic songs ('Evolve', 'Karmageddon') with up tempo rockers ('PDM', the aforementioned 'Hollow Promises') with songs in which the groove predominates (opener 'Nibiru' and the title track). Unfortunately the album only consists of 8 songs, so the music stops before you know it! If you do not mind that this band obviously has done some shopping at the Faith No More music shop, you sure can enjoy another great album.

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