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Eye Of Solitude - Slaves To Solitude

Eye Of Solitude - Slaves To Solitude

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Since 2010 UK based funeral doom collective Eye Of Solitude creates a misty plea of utter mourning, so that aficionados can always wallow into deep-draught doom symphonies. The Romanian vocalist Daniel Naegoe (Clouds, Aeonian Sorrow) happens to be the vocal protagonist who rules the roast. Now with Dutch drummer Remco Verhees (Akelei) new in their ranks, the international outfit releases its fifth full length album ‘Slaves To Solitude’.

The train of inertia stops in five stations this time, monumental epics all taking at least eleven minutes of your time. Yet the general impression is that it sounds a bit less extreme and more melodic than earlier releases. Quiescent passages – sometimes with solemn spoken fragments – are always intermittent with ferocious rolling grunts during eruptions of ultimate grief and sadness. The guitar leads are magnificent and also the production is top notch craftwork. This happens to be an exquisite manifest for a select audience, those who love to wander through the mists of existence on a bed of gracious guitar leads, beautiful classic piano interludes and ultimate melancholic brutality. A solace for the wounds of life, musically always on solitary high levels.

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