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The Exploding Boy - Alarms!

The Exploding Boy - Alarms!

Label : AFM Records | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : The Exploding Boy is a six-man band from Sweden who are about to release already their fifth album, 'Alarms!'. I must confess that I have never heard of the band. I do not think that's strange either because I can only deduce things from the bio that have to do with their home country Sweden. In the bio the band is described as 'dark indie' and on their Facebook page I even see terms like 'indie / post punk' passing by. There is even a connection with Sex Pistols but while listening to 'Alarms!' I wonder what those associations are based on. I hear a band that plays very melodic, slightly dark electronic wave pop.

It should be clear that the music of The Exploding Boy has nothing to do with metal. That does not matter, we are open to a lot of music. With rock, however, the music of the gentlemen does not have much to do either. It is pretty poppy what we hear on this album. And yes, the atmosphere is a bit dark, but that does not make it 'indie', let alone 'punk'. I hear more similarities with the music of The Human League, Suede and in the more sturdy songs you hear influences from for example The Rasmus. A lot of melody, a lot of electronics, a stray guitar riff and a lot of atmosphere. I personally like that myself, but I think it's a shame that a band presents itself in a totally wrong way. Best song of the album is 'Pointless Action' in which the guitars approach the atmosphere of Fields Of The Nephilim. But the band also produces a few total misses like very smooth songs like 'Sign Of The Times' and 'Oh My God'. Most notable song is the long, closing '11.59', actually the only song in which the band really sounds like a dark indie band. Except for the last minutes because then the band sounds - finally - like a rock band. Lyrically I find it all rather pretentious with lyrics about the problem of refugees from Syria as the low point. Yes, I am pretty critical about this band (there are things that really need to be worked on, especially in the PR department) but musically I definitely hear (more than) nice things.

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