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Walthar The Unbearable Of Evil - Voodoo Death

Walthar The Unbearable Of Evil - Voodoo Death

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under black metal

Release type: Demo

Roel de Haan : Here we have a demo release by the Dutch one-man outfit Walthar The Unbearable Of Evil. It is called ‘Voodoo Death’. With only three quite short tracks it is meant to explore and combine different kinds of music. In this case techno music and thrashy black metal. Basically we get to here straightforward black/thrash riffing underlined with programmed drums in overdrive. A bit of Anaal Nathrakh, some Aborym and perhaps some Prickrott. Of course, Walthar The Unbearable Of Evil doesn’t reach to the same heights as the aforementioned groups, but if simplicity and taking things not too seriously is your thing, by all means, check ‘ Voodoo Death’ out.

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