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Seven Eyed Crow - Organized Chaos

Seven Eyed Crow - Organized Chaos

Label : Send The Wood Music | Archive under post rock / post metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Seven Eyed Crow comes from Bordeax, France and plays a familiar mix of alternative rock we know from Breaking Benjamin, Staind and Seether, but mixed with some progressive elements not unlike Karnivool’s, A Perfect Circle’s or Deftones’. Their second record ‘Organized Chaos’ came out in April and I’m going to keep it short and sweet: nothing on this album hasn’t been done better about a decade ago. Funky drums with a focus on groove more so than anything else, clean verses that build upon a southern feel and guitarists that abuse their distortion pedal as soon as they head into the predictable chorus.

It's a great shame as well that singer Jay doesn’t sound convincing at all – his performance and drive could’ve really made the difference here but more often than not he sounds like an underage, whiny Dan Thompkins and his lines are as mundane as they are unfocused. The rapping that comes up every now and then is also a massive turnoff. Production-wise, the album sounds exactly like you would expect: sweet, almost sugary and without any imperfections making a sonic landscape that’s as barren as it is flat. If it were up to me, Seven Eyed Crow might as well have died with the plethora of mediocre genre mates back in 2010.

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