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Hogs - Fingerprints

Hogs - Fingerprints

Label : Red Cat Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : When you hear the familiar sounding shreds of ‘Making Plans For Nigel’ arising from the opener ‘Man Size’, this reminds more of the cover version by Primus, than the original by XTC. This observation is giving some clues about the direction of this music: pretty polished, almost commercial sounding from one point of view, but also quite stubborn, cross and technical on the other hand. The prog-like rock of Hogs contains just enough power and bite to prevent being experienced as pop rock with indie and funk influences in a technical performance. Especially the bass presents some remarkable contributions, but also the guitars can be accused of some tasteful parts. These Italians obviously know how to handle their instruments, and also maintain the focus on the melody, to prevent technical posturing. A sympathetic album which will probably appeal to a pretty select audience.

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