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The Torch - Chasing Light

The Torch - Chasing Light

Label : STF Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : This debut album by a The Torch from Sweden seems to come straight from the nineties; the heydays of the grunge. Both Soundgarden and Alice In Chains can easily be recognized as huge sources of inspiration, although the quality level of these iconic grunge bands cannot always be reached of course. Most songs cannot keep the attention the whole time and lack tension in a way, when comparing this to a band like Soundgarden or Alice In Chains; points of improvement are in songwriting and arrangements. Still, these guys have delivered a very decent piece of work, most certainly worth listening. The dark atmospheres, edgy distorted guitars, stubbornness and dissonant lines can often be called pretty well succeeded.

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