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Demenseed - Blood Stained Lamb

Demenseed - Blood Stained Lamb

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Demo

Koen B. : Demenseed are a band from Grenoble, France that was founded around 2010. The group is built on the ashes of Dreams Reflection. Two Demenseed members are also active in a band called Liquid Flesh. They released a full-length CD in 2016 entitled ‘Spontaneous Liquefaction’. Let’s head back to Demenseed now. They have released some digital stuff as well as a 2015 physical CD ‘Granite Forest’ and now there is this three track demo CD ‘Blood Stained Lamb’.

This demo has surprised me in a positive way. Well, let’s be honest: the demo cover is kind of silly but never judge a book (or CD) by its cover. Demenseed plays technical death metal that is executed in a nuanced yet sophisticated way. ‘Blood Stained Lamb’ isn’t an easy one to sink your teeth into but after a few spins the total package reveals itself. Demenseed proves they have outgrown the demo stage and I think (and hope) record companies will pile up and let them sign a contract…in blood.

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