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The Blacktones - The Day We Shut Down The Sun

The Blacktones - The Day We Shut Down The Sun

Label : Sliptrick Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Put this record on and you will forget everything else. What a great music The Blacktones make! Hailing from the island of Sardinia, which naively makes me imagine beaches, green mountains, sun and other things that make people happy, this band creates an awesome wall of noise that does anything but make you happy. Satisfied? Yes. Happy? No. The Blacktones create music that is dark, dingy and very clear.

This is not music you listen to when you are doing the dishes or cleaning your room. It demands your full attention and frankly, it deserves it. Every note The Blacktones play is right and each song is equally stunning. There are the "real" songs and the "in between song" songs: instrumentals that are all named after Tarot cards and make the songs flow freely into each other. It is interesting to note that The Blacktones started out as an instrumental project, and the adding of vocals (and a second guitar!) has done so much to change their sound into the full blown beast that we have here. I would like to categorise this as doom metal, but there is a lot more going on, with the occasional post rock and even grunge influences. The music is agressive, we hear heavy riffs, melodic guitar parts, screaming, lamenting vocals and a solid rhythm section, as several topics are sung about on this trip to complete oblivion.

An album filled with groove and melody, an album that paints a certain gloomy atmosphere, an atmosphere that makes you feel as if you are steadily heading for something big and monumental: the end of the world. With 'The Day We Shut Down The Sun' The Blacktones have created something special and beautiful, and this band clearly distinguishes itself from all other bands by succesfully combining different styles. The artwork (made by Andrea Cara) also deserves mentioning: the almost ridiculous drawing style suits the Tarot theme perfectly and it helps make this a complete and nihilistic record.

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