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Sadness - Ames De Marbre

Sadness - Ames De Marbre

Label : Vic Records | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Re-release

Pim B. : Switzerland might be a small country, but it has brought forth some impressive bands. Think of Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Coroner, Mordor or Samael. Just a few examples of bands that truly meant something when it comes to originality and influence with the various metal sub-genres. We can easily add Sadness to that list. Especially based on their 1992 album ‘Ames De Marbre’, which has now been re-released with both demos Sadness recorded added as a bonus.

On those demos Sadness still showed a sound that can be placed somewhere between doom and black metal. Celtic Frost, but also Bathory seems to be a huge influence on the early works. The fact these demos have been added only give you a good insight in how this band developed. A development that showed a huge turn when the debut was released. To finish of this part about the demos I can tell that ‘Eodipus’ from 1992 is represented with two tracks and ‘Y’ from 1991 with four songs.

The aforementioned development of Sadness came to live in 1993 on ‘Ames De Marbre’ that was released by Witchhunt Records. Not only the artwork made people frown. Especially the music was quite special around that time. Next to metal the band incorporated quite a bit of New Wave in the vein of The Cure or Bauhaus in their sound. A band like Celtic Frost already followed that path years before. But the way Sadness mixed those styles delivered quite the result. I find it funny that bands such as Tribulation or In Solitude got praise for the fact they use Wave influences. It’s not that new after all.

Sadness impressed in 1993 with atmospheric songs that to this day still hold up. You could criticise the mix because that all could have been done better. As a whole this album is a gem though. And you can get it easily now. That sound of Sadness could be heard later on in other bands’ music too. For instance Italy’s Ras Algethi is a great example as far as I’m concerned. The overall development of sadness is a bit comparable to Tiamat. They also transformed from a black/death sound to a more gothic metal type style. Fans of that band should give this re-release a listen too. A prime example of music history getting a second chance.

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