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Primitai - The Calling

Primitai - The Calling

Label : Dissonance Productions | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : Despite of the fact that the London based band Primitai is already active from 2003 onwards, with many of you this name will definitely not ring a bell yet. As such they have already released four independent albums until now, being ‘Through The Gates Of Hell’ (2007), ‘The Line Of Fire’ (2010), ‘Rise Again’ (2013) and ‘Night Brings Insanity’ (2016), which has brought the band a limited but very loyal fan-base. Of course the fact that you’ve released all of your albums as independent releases is certainly an indicator for the quality of the song material that Primitai had to offer on their first four records and in all honesty I have to say that things didn’t sound very convincing so far. Still Dissonance Productions has seen enough potential in this five-some, as their fifth full-length album ‘The Calling’ is brought to market via this label.

Style-wise Primitai is to be categorized as traditional heavy metal and in some songs they remind me somewhat of bands like Rage and Pretty Maids, although I have to mention here that the quality level of those acts is nowhere reached on ‘The Calling’. They certainly know how to write a decent metal tune, in which especially the guitar work of Srdjan Bilic and Sergio Girón stands out, but as a whole the material is just too average to really stand out from the crowd and as such they never escape the average category. On top of that singer Guy Miller has the power but not the timbre to be called really distinctive and therefore you can do nothing else than conclude that this ‘The Calling’ has become a nice, but far from spectacular heavy metal album.

Tracks like ‘Curse Of Olympus’, ‘Memories Lost’ and ‘Tempest Returns’ are quite enjoyable to listen to, but nowhere things get really sparkling for me and I doubt whether that will be any different for the majority of the listeners of this album. The already built-up and quite limited fan-base will in my opinion not grow immensely as a result of this ‘The Calling’ album, maybe with the possible exception of a couple of die-hard traditional heavy metal fans.

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