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Death Strike - Fuckin’ Death

Death Strike - Fuckin’ Death

Label : Vic Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Re-release

Pim B. : Again a re-issue of Death Strike’s ‘Fuckin’ Death’ I can hear you think? Apparently there’s still a market for this one. As long as the hunger of the collectors and younger metalheads hasn’t been stilled, I’m totally cool with it. Especially since this is a piece of history. Death Strike was formed by Paul Speckmann in 1984. Before this band he was in the doomier WarCry. When he heard the first Venom single he decided to create heavier and more aggressive music and he formed Master. When that ship stranded het continued with Death Strike. You can read about the intertwined history of both bands in the special on the first Master album.

Basically ‘Fuckin’ Death’ is a collection of demos. The first one was recorded in 1985. When Master was signed to Nuclear Blast in 1989 this label expressed interest in releasing the Death Strike material too. However they felt four songs weren’t enough. So, Speckmann recorded four more songs, along with drummer Aaron Nickeas amongst others. The latter was also part of Master, Abomination and Speckmann Project at that time. In 1991 the album was released for the first time. In 2010 Dark Descent Records re-released a new version. This one contains four more rehearsal tracks. The yellow border as seen on the original edition has been replaced by a gold border as it was initially intended. This new edition doesn’t contain the rehearsal tracks. The artwork is completely different though. This digipack has artwork that refers to the original art on that 1985 demo. The booklet contains some liner notes by Speckmann himself.

When it comes to the music I can add that this is early death metal on which you can clearly hear the Venom and Motörhead influence along with the punky vibe those bands had. This still crushes even when the oldest recordings date back to 1985. This is something you have to have heard and now is the chance to add this classic to your collection.

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