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Deamon’s Child  - Angstparade

Deamon’s Child - Angstparade

Label : Zygmatron | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : One only has to read the reviews of Deamon’s Child’s previous albums to know this is one of my favorite bands of the moment. I made a small leap of joy when I received their new album ‘Angstparade’. This third (or fourth if the live album ‘Live im Lux’ is also counted) effort by this Hannover based trio only differs in detail from what the gentlemen and lady have done before. In short this means ‘Angstparade is a damn good record, just like the other ones by them. Deamon’s Child continues to brew a strange, but also strangely catchy mix of metal, punk, stoner and noise that is hard to compare with other bands. Deamon’s Child creates its own niche.

Core and linking pin of the band is guitar player Sven Missulis, whose “more riffs per square centimetre” approach defines the sound of the band to a large extent. However, on ‘Angstparade bass player and singer Ana Muhi claims a place in the spotlights more than ever before, next to the mighty guitar riffs. Her vocals cover all sides of the spectrum, from fragile to powerful, from quiet to near hysterical, but always in German. New on ‘Angstparade’, besides the proven hybrid punk-sludge-speed metal riffs, is something that can only be seen as an AC/DC tribute. ‘Garten Eden’ contains the type of guitar work that would have made Angus Young proud. Other than that, it still is a typical Deamon’s Child song. Another novelty compared to earlier recordings is the semi acoustic ‘Knochenmann’, a relaxed ballad for four minutes before the volume is cranked up and the metres go into the red for a short period of time. Although it is not entirely new, the debut album contained something similar, only instrumental (‘Venus’).

Despite all this, ‘Angstparade’ does not quite reach the level of the yet unsurpassed ‘Scherben müssen sein’ or even the untitled debut. This does not mean ‘Angstparade’ is much worse than these two, it is just that there are no stand out tracks like ‘Äffchen Fährt Fahrrad’ or ‘Geld’ to be found this time. No songs you want to hear over and over again. Or perhaps this new album needs a bit more time to grow? We will see.

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