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Burntfield - Hereafter

Burntfield - Hereafter

Label : Progressive Gears Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : In 2012 the guitarist/singer Juho Myllylä founded the band Burntfield in Helsinki but decided to relocate to Amsterdam a few years later. With the support of the band members, Valtteri Seppänen on guitars. Maarten Vos on bass guitar, and Steven Favier on drums, Myllylä has released a few singles and an EP since the start of the band. Now, I’d like to think that I’m up-to-date on all the progressive bands that are active in the Netherlands so I was slightly surprised to see that they’re located in the Netherlands. ‘Hereafter’ is the first album of the band and I was pretty curious what this Finnish-Dutch band would sound like.

The album starts with a short instrumental song with an orchestral arrangement, normally I’d be appreciative of an intro as such but in this case it doesn’t add anything really and I wonder how it ended up on the album. To be quite frank, it’s a bit of a sign for the rest of the album. Let me start by saying that ‘Hereafer’ isn’t bad at all, the compositions are not bad at all and also instrumentally everything is quite alright. The songs are generally calm and combine popular rock elements with progressive rock, because of this you get a bit of a strange mixture between calm and melodic Pink Floyd passages, and sweet love songs (‘Feeling Of Love’). The music is clearly at its best when they’re focusing on the (progressive) rock parts of the music, the sweet songs impact the album in a negative way. Also the voice of singer Myllylä isn’t really my cup of tea, sometimes it sounds a bit nagging, this could be influenced by the vocal melodies, but I think it’s just what Myllylä sounds like.

Except for these two critical notes, ‘Hereafter’ is actually a good album full of stronger moments, yet something will need to happen if the band wants to get a bigger name in the genre. I would love to see the gentlemen step away for the cheesy sweet songs and focus more on the progressive and rock elements, here the band is definitely stronger. Burntfield show their talent on ‘Hereafter’, I am curious to their next release.

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